The Follow Return November 2014

The Follow 2014 Return

The Follow is thrilled to return to performing live shows again! We’ve missed it and we’re excited to share new music with you. As a thank you for the support that Second Life venues have shown for the band, we are giving away our first show back!

Thank you!

Amy, Troy, & Powers – the follow

We are accepting submissions from any active* venues within Second Life. Please fill out the form found by clicking the kiosk at the Dirval Music Associates offices. We’ll need your SL name, venue name, and SLurl. Follow the land mark to get your entry form!

Here’s how it works:

1) You submit your venue by 5pm SLT November 7

2) We’ll select a name from a hat live on video at 7pm SLT November 7th. All other venues who register will be given priority bookings at standard shows rates.

3) The winner receives a 60 minute show by selecting from the following dates/times

Friday November 21 at 2-8p SLT

Saturday November 22 at 6, 7, 8p SLT

Saturday November 29 at 6, 7, 8p SLT

For more information contact:

Jenna Dirval
Dirval Music Associates

Use the registration kiosk at the Dirval Music Associates Office to register.

*An active venue has scheduled at least one live performer per week since October 1st, 2014. Shows must be verifiable through the venue’s group notices.


World Tour 5

Panoramic Rock band THE FOLLOW travels the world in one day for the fifth time to spread their music and a message of global harmony with an emphasis on the Earth’s oceans. 1 Day – 5 Shows – 5 Time Zones – 5 Countries!! Click here for more Info, locations and urls:

SL8B: DMA Exhibit

Dirval Music Associates Exhibit at SL8B

Dirval Music Associates, in association with ACdA, is participating in the 8th Birthday celebrations of SL.

We have installed an exhibit streaming both MP3’s and media by all DMA artists. You can visit the exhibit via the SL8B destinations guide. While visiting the guide we would appreciate your support by clicking on the LIKE button.

Several DMA artists are perform throughout the SL8B celebrations on both Main Stage and Park Stage, you can stay updated with information at the official SL8B Blog.

DMA eNews – June 2011

One Year On:

Hi all, since the inception of DMA there has been some failures, successes, disappointments, triumphs and evolution.

The executive partnership have worked hard with various others on projects that for circumstances out of our control have not progressed. Although this has at times been frustrating, much of the planning has left us with some potential dormant projects that we can resurrect if an opportunity presents itself in the future.

With DMA moving into its 2nd year, we will first pause to celebrate this milestone sometime in conjunction with The Follow’s 2nd anniversary. Then commencing July 1st, we will move forward with new strategies and associations. One of these will be a much closer association between DMA and ACdA. Alanah as co-owner of ACdA will have greater involvement from time to time with strategic planning, specifically in the area of ACdA’s Compendium Services. In addition, she will become an integral part of the Agreement sign off process by witnessing all agreements. Jenna will play a role in ACdA’s Compendium Services as that 3rd voice in the decision making process.

Vacation Time:

During the month of June we wish Jenna all the best and safe travels while she takes a long overdue vacation. Powers and I will be baby sitting DMA in her absence, however we will take this time to allow the elves to do some house cleaning deferring any major decisions till July.

Elves At Work:

The Codes Of Conduct DMA operates under has had a few minor changes in relation to freelancing and conflicts of Interest, as has the Agreement 20/20. Note: Current agreements still stand as is, however any future changes will be done under the new agreement framework. We do intend to review all current agreements with the view to place everyone on a new agreement during the next quarter.

The DMA WordPress site has undergone a face lift.

DMA has established a Facebook page, FB is becoming an important tool for people all over the metaverse. So it’s important, if you have a Facebook presence that you connect and like the Dirval Music Associates FB page. The page is updated automatically by RSS feeds related to DMA and the artists it represents, this is a consolidated feed of what is going on. In addition people can freely post on the page. We also encourage you to actively invite your friends to like not only the DMA FB page, but also the artists pages on the website.

DMA is also now on Twitter, the twitter account is also updated automatically. Like with FB, we hope to build a following on Twitter.

Our aim here is to not only connect with in world residents outside of SL, but to also see those outside come in and see what these virtual lands are all about.

Finally, we have also created a Dirval Music Associates group in Facebook. This is for those involved with DMA. If you have a FB account and are involved with DMA then please friend up with one of the DMA partners and ask for an invite into the group. As with the DMA in world group, this is an internal closed group for collaboration, it is not an event SPAM group.

We have looked into effective advertising with the view to have some in place late July. A little snag has cropped up here in that LL have decided to not go ahead with the system they developed and are sticking with their current method of paid Adds in search. This means it’s back to the drawing board to find the most cost effective advertisement solution that works.

Key things happening in June:

  • DMA Office will see a few minor changes.
  • The Follow music HUB has an updated build.
  • DMA/ACdA have an Exhibit at SL8B.
  • DMA celebrates 1 year.
  • Two new artists will be joining DMA, launches will be deferred till July.
  • DMA/ACdA has established a marketplace store presence, more on this later.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

DMA eNews – December 2010

This week we managed to complet about 80% of the web site page updates. We hope to have the site fully updated and reviewed by the executive partners by the end of this year.

We also worked this week with Darkshore to provide fans with access to 4 live recordings as free download. Feel free to visit the Live Mini-EP 2010 page to either listen online or download the songs.

This week our associate partner the Mysts of Forzane commenced the implementation process of across all networks they manage. We are pleased to announce that the Darkshore kiosk is now updated. When an information panel is now touched, a Load web page menu will be presented. All you need to do is simply select “Go to page” to load.

Edward Kyomoon who has recently signed up with DMA will be migrating over to in the next week or two. This will be a seamless migration of the subscriber group.

Finally, we have began the process of establishing a DMA office in Inworldz. We hope to be making some key announcement on this in the not so distant future.

Darkshore Live Mini-EP 2010 Released

We are pleased to announce that Darkshore has released 4 songs performed live at Boom Pony to the public.





You can listen and/or download each song. There is also EP Artwork so you can get rid of those missing Album artwork images in iTunes

Simply follow the Link  DARKSHORE Live Mini-EP 2010

DMA eNews – November 2010

We recently made the decision to change the site so its front page would be the About Page. At the same time we moved to a new default theme with a more grungy look and removed all the old blog posts.

At present our main goal is to ensure the DMA site functions as the official information portal for the services we provide and the artists that we currently work with.

The blog at this time will be limited to one to three posts a month.