Soul Vision

Soulvision is SL’s newest performing artist to hit the grid, streaming into Second Life from Ontario Canada. He is a music coach and teacher in RL as well as a singer/songwriter and brings his passion for music to Second Life. His greatest influences include Ed Sheeran, Jewel and the new country music scene and he brings to his shows a Folk – Rock vibe with a hint of Country. Soul plays a variety of songs from all different genres. With a collection if 200+ songs of covers and originals, a typical Soulvision concert may include songs from Ed Sheeran, Adele, Damien Rice, Pearl Jam, and Keith Urban.

Soul lives through his music with a passion that is essentially who he is at the deepest level. The minute he starts to sing, Soul captivates you with his pure approach of just his guitar and his voice. He comes straight from the heart whether it’s his originals or covers that he’s performing . He is genuine and very raw in his sound as he quickly takes you away into the music.


Soul is new to SL but as a musician, singer, and songwriter with a sound the makes you want more and more, he is already in top demand. Words that fans use to describe his music include spectacular, passionate, and genuine. And when you add to the mix that Soul is such a genuine, nice guy, you quickly understand the true “star” appeal of this artist. Don’t miss this wonderful performer!!

For Bookings contact Carol Greenwood or us the Bookings Form.

Please visit Joe Borowsky’s official website for links to albums and more information.

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